A Sassy Little Guide to Getting Over Him

A SASSY LITTLE GUIDE TO GETTING OVER HIM – 10 Steps to Heal Your Heart After an Unhappy Ending (2006) is a “reality check you can cash”. Writer Sandra Ann Miller mixes wit with wisdom gained from her own unhappy endings to help the newly single put the pain into amusing perspective.

Sassy has sparked a revolution on how women handle the end of a relationship. The Guide’s 10 Steps provide the survival skills required to make it through a breakup with dignity and pride intact. Laugh-out-loud humor is tempered with compassion as the reader is reminded that she determines her fate…not the man who broke her heart. A Sassy Little Guide to Getting Over Him is short, sweet and to the sharp point of how to manage the hurt — as well as the burgeoning insanity — and start the healing. On Amazon, iTunes and Kobo.

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